Monday, 6 June 2011

Day 17 - (Durness) to (Sheffield)

Wednesday 4 May - The journey home
The alarm went off at 7 this morning and we got up and packed. I'd been up to go to the loo already and had just missed a spectacular sunrise though the golden glow was already flooding across the campsite. At 8 we were waiting outside the Spar for the bus that would take us to Lairg to catch the train to Inverness. The two hour plus drive to Lairg was along mostly single lane road and criss-crossed some areas we'd walked across in the last couple of days - we drove to Kinlochbervie and past Rhiconich and through Achfary and past Stack Lodge. It was strange to revisit these places and to think that it only took an hour or so to drive when it had taken us several days to zig zag walk to the same place.
The train station was cold and blustery and the train was a little late but at that point we were off the interesting part of the trip and on to the conveyor belt home.
From Inverness it was train to Edinburgh and then to Sheffield and we got home about 9 - bored of travelling after 13 solid hours and a little shell shocked by civilisation such as it is.

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